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    This is a tool all helicopter modelers need in their tool box.  Featuring an extended pitch range of -15° to +15°, which is suitable for even a wild 3D setup, this compact pitch gage is crafted of high quality impact resistent translucent plastic.  Use it to precisely measure both collective and cyclic pitch, plus it oncorporates a convenient 140mm metric ruler for quickly identifying hardware like bolts as well.  Featuring a spring loaded jaw to permit fitting to a wide range of chord dimensions, you can adjust tension at the pivot via the knurled nut using just your fingers eliminating the need for additional tools.  Using it is quick and easy, and it ships with a proptective vinyl pouch for storage as well.  Here are some setup tips!

    Collective pitch:

    Install near root of blade, lock the flybar parallel to the tail boom and read the pitch directly off the scale.

    • Sport pitch range: -3° low stick, 5.5° hover pitch, and 10.5° high stick
    • 3D pitch range: -11° low stick, 0° mid-stick, and 11° high stick (hover at 3/8 and 5/8 stick)

    Cyclic Pitch:

    • Blades perpendicular to tail boom, measure elevator, or fore/aft cyclic pitch - 6° for smooth flight, +8° for 3D
    • Blades parallel to the tail boom, measure aileron, or roll cyclic pitch - 6° for smooth flight, +8° for 3D