Will ProModeler servos work with NiCds?

by | Wednesday, January 20, 2021 |
How many cells should my packs use?

Figuring out how many cells to use for the control avionics battery pack depends on both the chemistry - and - what it is you're trying to do. Whether it's 2-cells, 4 in series/parallel, or 7 in series, the math is easy and we show you how!

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Frank Tiano

by | Sunday, January 10, 2021 |
The sport has lost a giant

Frank Tiano should have promoter on his gravestone. He was good at it. And not just for his business, but for the sport, too because three events he initially conceived to benefit his ZAP line of adhesives grew to become honest to God model aviation happenings, Top Gun, Florida Jets, and 12 O'clock High!

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