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The crew at ProModeler have created a super versatile model airplane stand. Useful in workshops for cradling fuselages while charging. The ProStand is also handy while installing servos, or when adjusting a linkage.- Securely holds a fuselage or wing and the silicone saddles won't mar the finish!Ever lay a wing on your workbench only to dent the top because of a small glob of hardened epoxy you hadn't noticed on the workbench surface? This happened one time too many to us here at ProModeler,...

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- Packing just the essentials distinguishes the seasoned pro from the rookie.- This one has been set up for lefties - reversing the panels is easy. ...

Fuel Pump
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A snug fit in the rubber cup of a standard model airplane electric starters like Sullivan's This is what you need for starting model helicopters. Designed to plug into the rubber spinner adapter of an electric starter like the 24V Sullivan Dynatron (shown) or Hobbico's 12V TorqMaster 90, it allows you to switch between starting model airplanes and model helicopters without tools. Equipped with a one-way bearing (within the 6mm hex start adapter body) this allows the engine to start and speed...

Sullivan Dynatron Starter
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We've been personally using one of these for more than 30 years, which is why we don't hesitate to recommend this kick-ass electric starter. Yes, some consider it expensive compared to an import, but it's not if you understand the difference between price and value. Finally, take note of two things. First, this top notch Made in USA electric starter is the only one offered on our website. Second, the quality remains long after the price is forgotten. Enough said?Pro Tip: match this starter...

Training Gear
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