Getting to know us
It's been said perfect is the enemy of good. Yet while only God is perfect, we shoot for perfection by relentlessly focusing on the details – no matter how nuanced. Constantly refining our products has been the key to our success since introducing dual-lead receiver packs in 1985 – note; these are now 4X the capacity at 1/2 the weight (while costing 2/3 as much). Along the way we've expanded into servos, brushless motors, gyroscopes, and ESCs. Some we make stateside and others internationally but the goal of every single one is to be pick-of-the-litter when compared to our competition.

Our servos are unique in having CNC centers andgoing together with 10 socket cap machine screws

Things you see, things you don't, and what to look for
We don't operate with a 'cost be damned' attitude but anyone with an eye for detail can instantly tell our products from the competition. For example, we assemble our servos with 10 Allen-head machine screws despite the fact using 4 Phillips-head screws (like everyone else) would cost 1/4th as much. We also CNC-machine our center case while competitors use an extruded center that costs 70% less. And we use genuine Nobel potentiometers when the other guys use cheapo oriental-clones.

Similarly, when the other guys fit the steel gear shaft into a pocket molded into the upper plastic gear case, we fit Swiss-machined bronze inserts into the pockets. Serving as hard points for the shafts these keep the gear-train from developing slop (otherwise the plastic pockets become egg-shaped with hard use). Yet a lot of guys overlook the importance of little details like these. There are other examples, like how we use an expensive conformal-coating on the PCBs to protect against vibration. The other guys make do with a piece of foam and call it good. Or the fact we use ABEC-9 bearings instead of cheaper and (less precise) ABEC-5 because 90% of our customers couldn't tell the difference in a million years, but we know this makes our servos that tiny little bit better. We could go on, but basically, if you're a perfectionist, know this . . . we share the same obsession with detail.

When engineers make decision instead of the accountants
Bottom line? We won't say the accountants control our competitors, but if cheap and good enough were in our vocabulary we wouldn't be known for bespoke products. Finally, if you know of any product that matches up to one of ours – and wins – let us know because we won't sleep until ours is better again.