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105oz-in, Sub-Micro, CLS
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ProModeler Item #: DS1055CLHV -

You're looking at a prototype of a clean sheet design aiming to not just compete in the sub-micro, or feather category, but to dethrone the popular analog Hitec HS-65 and digital HS-5070MH featherweights. We anticipate shipping in November. Our take on this class is the DS105CLHV and quite simply, it's an astonishing offering for modelers who relish their modeling adventures at the smaller end of the scale. It's a tour de force built to a miniature scale that's more powerful, smoother, faster,...

145oz-in, Micro, CLS
Price: $69.99
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ProModeler Item #: DS145CLHV -

The DS145CLHV is a 12-bit (4096), 333Hz, micro-size high voltage (HV) digital servo built on a case CNC-machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Equipped with dual ball bearings, and steel gears (for durability), it outputs 145 oz-in (+9 pounds of force) and has a transit time of 0.05sec/60° . . . and there's nothing else like it in the world! But it gets better because to help withstand the abuse to which it'll inevitably be subjected, we Swiss-machine then press three...