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P6 FBL Wildcat
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P6e Charger RC, helicopter, Pantera Electric, heli, P6e Charger
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DescriptionThe P6e Charger is an electric version of the P6 Pantera. Like all 600-class models, it's designed to accept 600mm long main rotor blades. This means the model is large, which makes it easier to control when a small one's a mere spec in the distance. And if you value your time, then you'll appreciate being able to fly when there's a stiff breeze, e.g. when models sporting 230-270mm blades are a handful for all but the most expert. Speaking of flying, just like motorcycles have sport...

P6n Pantera RC, helicopter, Pantera, heli
Price: $399.99
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The Pantera is an honest flying helicopter. Honest - as in smooth and steady - instead of highstrung and nervous-feeling (like a model optimized for the 3D-mania). Panteras appeal to those attracted to the solid-and-predictable end of the handling-spectrum versus twitchy models, which dart off at a thought. Perfect for big-sky maneuevers, rock-steady handling is what Panteras are about (plus beginners love them because they hover nearly hands off). Meanwhile, the Audacious-crew are famed for...