DL-series servos feature reliable 3-pole ferrite core motors - they're the workhorse of the servo industry

There comes a time when servos with BLS (brushless) motors make perfect sense - experience teaches you when.

10lbs of force, or 160oz-in, is enough to fly giant scale model - unheard of in mini-size servos - in coreless and BLS.


DYK - how to care for LiPo packs?

Learn how a simple chart for measuring the at rest voltage of a LiPo battery pack helps determine the state of charge, or remaining capacity. The best part? It's both easy and free!

The case against synthetic voltage

Background: ProModeler servos are rated at 7.4V (nominal voltage for a 2S LiPo pack under load), However, it's widely known that fresh off a charge, the output of a 2S LiPo may approach 8.4V. Thus,...

Worse than wasted motion?

At last, an easy way to eliminate wasted servo control-motion because of flight loads rocking the servo on the rubber vibration mounts.