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95oz-in, Mini, 760us
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ProModeler Item #: DS95BLHV -

Crafted expressly for helicopter tail rotor applications, note the neutral for this class of servo is 760µs instead of 1520µs. This means the servo won't function properly when it's plugged into a receiver because receivers output a neutral pulse at 1520µs. So basically, this servo is designed to be connected through a gyroscope. Also note, this type of servo refreshes faster internally than a conventional digital servo - at 560Hz vs. 330Hz so when the highest performance tail rotor servo in a...

175oz-in, Mini, BLS MKS DS-9670A+, HV9767, MKS HV737, BK DS-5001HV, Futaba S9650, Xpert MM-3301-HV, Sanwa HRG-HR, mini servo, Hitec HS-7245MH, HS-7235MH
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ProModeler Item #: DS175BLHV -

Our brushless motor vendor called the other day to offer a stronger/faster motor for the DS160BLHV. Thing is, outputting 160oz-in and transiting 0.06sec/60° means we're near the point of diminishing returns for the class of models using this size servo. E.g. fixed-wing 3D electric models from the likes of Extreme Flight, AJ Models, and PAU. Then I got to eyeballing the specs and realized, he was right to call me. The motor specs are intriguing because depending on the gearing, I can use it to...