• No gluing!
  • No sanding!
  • No painting!
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    Incredibly useful. By design.

    My good friend Gene kneels by a Great Planes Pitts Special

    - Packing just the essentials distinguishes the seasoned pro from the rookie.

    Traveling light.

    Tempus fugit.

    - This one has been set up for lefties - reversing the panels is easy.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Thanks for a product that “just works”.


    You know how you wish things would just work? Well here's one of those things and it happens to be an essential part of our hobby. I've now been using this field box for a few seasons and it looks and functions like the day that I assembled it. Oh, and assembly; it snaps together like Lego blocks and then screws down tight. It can be configured so many ways I don’t have time to go down that road. Starting from the sliding tray down to the radio hanger, it’s all so functional. Thanks for a product that “just works”.

    - Mark Dean, Team Synergy, Suitland, TX