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    Our fastest mini-class 1520μs servo (plug it into a receiver, or gyros that can accept other than 760μs servos).


    Outputting 110oz-in and transiting in a blindingly fast 0.035sec/60° this servo is ideal for cyclic control of hyper aggressive 3D helicopter pilots as well as thoughtful pilots of 60" wingspan 3D models. Add in pylon racers, jets, and conventional nitro-models ranging in size from .25 on up through .91-class that would benefit from a reduced weight avionics package and while some are fooled by their mini size, the astute pilot realizes he can substitute these for larger servos! Weighing a mere 37g, this servo centers better because of MIL-SPEC components plus a genuine Nobel-brand potentiometer. Operating voltage ranges between 4.8V to 8.4V, but optimal performance is obtained with a 2S LiPo because of their high current-delivery capability (35-50C recommended).

    Mechanical Details:

    The foundation is the center case that's made from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. It's CNC-machined with cooling fins for better cooling. The upper and lower case components are injection molded of impact resistant nylon 6.6 (a fiber-filled engineering polymer like what's used in Glock handgun frames). In the interest of durability, plastic case components are further reinforced with bronze bushings (at the pockets where the steel gear shafts fit). So as not to reinvent the wheel, the output shaft spline is 25T (Futaba-compatible). For durability, the gear train is all metal, and it's equipped with dual ball bearings. For protection against destructive vibration, the PCB (printed circuit board) is coated with epoxy potting compound. The entire assembly is sealed against the elements with thirteen (13) Buna-N synthetic O-rings. Finally, while there are ten (10) screws in the assembly, for increased rigidity, the upper case (the one housing the gears, e.g. the transmission section) is secured with six (6) screws instead of four. Moreover, you get hardened (grade 12.9) Allen-head M2 socket cap screws instead of Phillips.

    Other Resources

    Specifications (performance, mechanical, electrical, and line drawings) are contained within the Specs TAB and if you're curious how this servo matches up to competing products, check out the Comparison TAB where we help with your homework.

    Last thing, if you're a 3D pilot and you'll trade off some speed for a bunch more torque, then consider our DS160CLHV (160oz-in vs. 110oz-in) because it transits in a mere 0.06sec/60°, which is plenty fast by pretty much any measure. Especially considering we are only competing with ourselves because the other brands can't! Finally, if brushless motor digital servos are more your cup of tea, then you may wish to consider our DS160BLHV and DS085BLHV (this last one is 760μs neutral so it's for tail rotor gyroscopes only). With bullet-proof all-aluminum construction, these servos may better suit you needs.


    There are plenty of competitors, but none are faster or stronger. And while one costs less and two cost the same, the rest cost more! Thing is, none are built as well as the DS110CLHV - and it's not even close. Strong statement? Yup, but we can prove it. First, scan down the list and see a comprehensive feature comparison (on a servo-by-servo basis) of the servos listed (alphabetically) below. Next, peruse the TL:DR TAB for the details of how our servo is built and judge for yourself.

    • ProModeler DS110CLHV . . . @8.4V, 110 oz-in, 0.035sec/60°, $59.99
    • Futaba S9650 . . . @6V, 63 oz-in, 0.11sec/60°, $59.99
    • Hitec HS-7245MH . . . @7.4V, 89 oz-in, 0.11sec/60°, $69.99
    • JR DS3717HV . . . @7.4V, 56 oz-in, 0.08sec/60°, $94.99
    • KO Propo RSx3-12 . . . @6V, 104 oz-in, 0.13sec/60°, $112.99
    • MKS DS-9660A+ . . . @6V, 65 oz-in, 0.09sec/60°, $69.99
    • MKS HV737 . . . @8.4V, 142 oz-in, 0.09sec/60°, $92,99
    • Sanwa SRG-HR . . .@7.4V, 64 oz-in, 0.10sec/60°, $109.99
    • SAVOX SV1250MG . . . @6V, 63 oz-in, 0.11sec/60°, $48.99
    • Spectrum A-5060 . . .@7.4V, 118 oz-in, 0.11sec/60°, $59.99
    Last thing, if you're considering a competing mini-class servo, which isn't on this list, please let us know and we'll be happy to create the Head-2-Head comparison for you!

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