• 85oz-in
  • 0.04sec/60°
  • High Voltage
  • Brushless Motor
  • 760µs/560Hz (tail rotor gyros only)
  • 4096 steps (12-bit) Resolution
  • Massive metal gears (25T)
  • Dual ball bearings (ABEC-9)
  • 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum case
  • O-ring seals
  • Anti-vibration epoxy potting compound
  • 10 Allen-head machine screws
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    Crafted expressly for tail rotor applications (760µs/560Hz) where high performance is required in a mini-size package, this may be the perfect mini-size tail rotor servo for your Goblin 380 or 500-class model. These are the highlights;

    1. Features a brushless instead of coreless motor. Electronic instead of mechanical commutation means there's no excess heat (the dust that accumulates inside as the brushes of a coreless motor wear out is insulating), and because electrons don't wear out, a brushless-motor lasts 5X longer than a coreless-type.

    2. Of course, if you want a stronger mini-size tail rotor servo, it helps to start with a stronger motor. Like the one we use in our 245oz-in servo. We stuff it in a mini-size case and re-gear it to be really fast. The end results are 85oz-in/0.04sec/60°.

    3. Cramming a standard-frame motor into a mini-size case involves slotting the CNC-machined case. And by letting the monster motor hang out a little bit, more than superb performance, has the added benefit of extra cooling. Anyway, we start off with a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum to build a bullet proof case.

    4. Using 10 (ten) Allen-head machine screws to secure the assembly instead of 4 (like our competitors) is better because the FEA (finite element analysis) shows it's a lot more rigid. And rigid is good because it keeps gear aligned for longer wear.

    5. Dual dual ball bearings? Yes and instead of ABEC-3 bearings, you get ABEC-9 because ultra high precision bearings offer better performance. Sure, they cost a little more but we're proud of what goes in our servo.

    6. You also get metal gears, and key to getting the speed up is lightweight anodized aluminum (25T output shaft). Added to which, our gears are wider (thicker) than usual because increasing the surface area means greatly increased wear characteristics.

    7. Optimized for high voltage (HV) battery packs because higher voltage means lower current (rated at 7.4V nominal, 8.4V max - but specs given at a realistic 7.4V instead of a voltage you'll only see when the pack is fresh off charge). As experienced modelers know, this becomes especially important when using servo extensions. Plus, a 2S LiPo pack weighs much less than an equivalent capacity NiCd, LiFe, or NiMH pack.

    8. Since centering is the sine qua non for a high performance servo, we use MIL-SPEC components. Along with a genuine Nobel potentiometer, this means the best possible performance because we don't compromise in our goal of building the best mini-size servo money can buy.

    9. If you believe protecting the electronics against vibration is important then you'll be happy to learn how instead of a cheapo piece of foam we protect the electronic components of the PCB (printed circuit board) against vibration with potting compound. This is exactly how the military and NASA bullet proof their electronics. And quite honestly, it's a pain in the hind quarters, but we think of it as going the extra mile because like you, we're modelers too. Or put another way, we fly what we sell.

    Bottom line? The ProModeler Brushless SuperMini tail rotor servo is the one you want because it's better. It's better because it's brushless, precise, centers superbly, and is plenty strong. This makes it ideal for ultra high performance 380 and 500-class helicopters. When comparing, others may offer you something that looks similar but for your money you'll get a less expensive motor, fewer screws, cheaper bearings, and they'll leave out little touches like the conformal potting compound that protects against high vibration environments. Pricey? Yes . . . but as usual, you get what you pay for.

    • Size: Mini
    • Type: Digital
    • Pulse width: 760µs
    • Frequency: 560Hz
    • Motor: Brushless
    • Gears: Metal (25T)
    • Bearings: Dual ABEC-9
    • Voltage: 6.0 - 7.4VDC (max 8.4V)
    • Torque: 70 - 85oz-in
    • Speed: 0.05 - 0.04sec/60°
    • Resolution: 4096 (12-bit)