ProModeler digital servos. Built better. Built to last!
  • 130 oz-in
  • 0.17 sec/60°
  • High Voltage
  • 3-pole Motor
  • 1520µs/333Hz
  • 4096 steps (12-bit) Resolution
  • Massive metal gears (25T)
  • Dual ball bearings (ABEC-9)
  • 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum center case
  • Bronze gear shaft inserts
  • O-ring seals
  • Anti-vibration epoxy potting compound
  • 10 Allen-head machine screws
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    Smooth and strong, the S130DLHV is a high voltage (HV) digital servo with metal gears that outputs 130 oz-in - put another way, that's more than 8 pounds of force! Thing is, when you compare it to similar products you'll see a ton of things we do to make ours better. For example, we pay close attention to every conceivable detail - like using 13 o-rings for protecting it from the environment - they're everywhere, even beneath the screw heads! Also, while other use a little piece of foam to protect the PCB from vibration, we use an epoxy conformal coating. But there's more, like Swiss-machined bronze inserts pressed into the polymer case so that instead of the steel gear shafts riding directly in plastic pockets, they're inserted into metal pockets? Why? It's because we expect our servos to still be going strong a decade from now! Who uses it? Savvy modelers will select it for sport and scale models with wingspans ranging from 48" all the way up to 90" (with engines ranging from .46 up to 62cc gassers). Bottm line? It's a fantastic servo that shows the difference between price and value like no other can. If you want a great sport servo, that's suitable for use with HV (high voltage) battery packs (2S LiPo) in sport and scale models, that transits in a reasonable 0.17 sec/60° and is contained within a standard-size frame (this means it fits nearly anywhere), then this is the servo for you because when you need great performance and tank-like durability - but aren't made of money - this servo delivers! Just eyeball the features list to see how well it matches up with your requirements.

    Features at a glance:

    • CNC-machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum center with fins for best-in-class cooling.
    • Engineering-polymer - über-strong Nylon 6,6 - as used in handgun frames.
    • Ten grade 12.9 Allen-head machine-bolts - not el cheapo Phillips-head screws.
    • Metal gears - stronger, last longer, and more crash resistant - 25-spline - Ø5.96
    • Brass gear-shaft inserts - reinforce the polymer servo components.
    • 3-pole iron-core motor - reliable - the workhorse of the industry.
    • Million-cycle Nobel potentiometers - same as our top-of-the-line brushless servos.
    • High voltage - rated for 2S LiPo battery packs versus old fashioned NiCds
    • 14) fully-captured o-rings - for resisting water and exhaust oil.
    • Dual ball bearings - ensures the high precision lasts for many years to come.
    • Epoxy potting compound - for outstanding vibration resistance.

    Servos engineered to meticulous standards - and then some.
    Details count. Inside and out.

    Nominal Voltage*: 7.4VDC
    Operating Voltage: 8.4VDC
    Torque: 130 oz-in
    Speed: 0.17 sec/60°
    Frequency: 1520µs/330Hz
    Dead band: 2µs
    Weight: 59g
    Wire: JR/300mm

    NOTE: deciphering the parts code - DS130DLHV means:

    • DS = Digital Servo
    • 130 = oz-in (torque)
    • DL = 3-pole motor
    • HV = high voltage

    *Nominal voltage - for a LiPo cell is 3.7V/cell (or 7.4V for a 2S pack). Of course a 2S pack fresh off charge reaches 8.4V - but the voltage depresses nearly as soon as you load it.

    Seeking to make a great servo for sport pilots, we created the DS130DLHV by using the case we DS120BLHV brushless-tail rotor servo, and then matching it to a super-reliable 3-pole iron-core motor. The end result is precise and powerful - with all the nice bits of a top quality brushless case - minus the expensive motor. In short, this servo strikes the perfect balance between price and performance.

    Engineered-polymer upper and lower case with brass inserts - the DS130DLHV foundation, the center case, is CNC-machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Like a radiator, it keeps the powerful HV-motor nice and cool. To save weight we use fiber-filled Nylon 6,6 (an engineering-polymer like that used in a Glock handgun) because it's strong and impact resistant. And to ensure it's durable, we use brass inserts in the pockets for the steel gear-shafts.

    - Bronze inserts where the steel gear shafts ride in the polymer upper-case ensure long lasting precision gear-mesh.

    Gear train - all metal gears makes this servo strong. The 25-spline (Ø5.96mm) output shaft is Futaba compatible for convenience. Material selection makes it tough. Exotic titanium-ceramic (TiCN) armoring of the 7075-T6 output gear (same aluminum-alloy used in components of the upper receiver of an M-16 rifle) means this massive gear has an 800% increase in wearing surface hardness. Combination-gears mate C86300 manganese-bronze with 4140 chrome-moly steel for optimum strength and wear characteristics.

    - TiCN/7075-T6 output gear, plus bronze/4140 chrome-moly steel combo-gears perfectly match durability with strength.

    O-rings - have you noticed how some really expensive servos don't have o-rings? The claim is electric models make them superfluous. Since getting caught in a pop-up rain shower isn't unheard of, and re-purposing servos into a nitro-powered model a year later happens all the time . . . do you buy that line of reasoning? We figure it's because the manufacturer pockets a few extra bucks but leaving o-rings out comes at your expense. Is keeping water, fuel, and exhaust residue out of your servo important to you? Wanna know why the DS130DLHV is fully o-ringed? Simply because our engineers make these decisions - not our accountant!

    - Now you see them, now you don't . . . fully captured hidden o-rings make the case resistant to water, fuel, and oil.

    Nitty gritty - it's said the measure of a man is what he does when nobody is looking - take our servo's measure the same way. Ever disassemble a servo? They typically use four long-ass Phillips head screws, which come up from the bottom, sandwich the center section, and actually thread into the plastic top-case, right? However, an DS130DLHV is built better. How? To begin, we use grade 12.9 Allen-head machine-thread bolts instead of el cheapo screws. Six come in from the top plus four more from the bottom, and instead of sandwiching the center case, the ten bolts actually thread into the aluminum. The result is a far more rigid assembly that's so much better . . . it's not even fair to compare!

    - Note how an DS130DLHV servo is assembled with Allen-head machine-bolts vs. el cheapo Phillips-head screws!

    Packaging - nestled within a high density foam insert for protection, each DS130DLHV servo arrives packed in a jewel case. Since good looks never hurt, we use red polymer to show off our brand and laser-etched our logo into the polished aluminum center-case. These servos look great - think in terms of the fit and finish equal to, or better than, servos selling for more than $200. Bottom line? For the craftsmen who appreciates our high standards because we pay attention to the smallest detail, we hope you'll be as proud to install them in your model as we are to make them.

    - We proudly brand our product with the ProModeler logo . . . and hope you'll be as proud of them as we are.