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Use to grip smooth shafts

  • 6 mm
  • 8 mm
  • 10 mm

Made in USA

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    At last, the perfect tool for holding a smooth shaft without nicking the surface. And versatile too because it grips 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm diameter. Perfect for a helicopter main shaft, as well as rotor head spindle shafts without putting the surface finish at risk like happens when you try using pliers. Best of all, your ShaftWrench is Made in America! Bottom line? A ShaftWrench becomes your goto tool when you absolutely must hold onto a smooth shaft without screwing up the finish!

    • 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
    • CNC-machined
    • Grip smooth shafts: 6mm, 8mm, and 10 mm diameter
    • Made in the USA

    Need to grip a smooth shaft - without - putting the finish at risk? When the job calls for the right tool, reach for a ShaftWrench. Expressly designed for working on a model helicopter's finely finished spindle or main shaft, the ShaftWrench securely grasps the shaft without putting the surface finish at risk. best of all, it's a combination tool because you can use it for three shaft sizes, 6, 8, and 10 mm. Intrinsically strong due to the I-beam design, and CNC machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, this is a tool, which you'll be proud to use not just because it's comfortable in your hand and finely made so that it's pleasing to your eye, but because it's proudly Made in USA.

    Ultimately, what makes a better tool is often just a matter of its feel in your hand. Subjective? Of course, but what started us down the path of making this tool was a basic dissatisfaction with available tools. Usually because they were either too short for good leverage, or too thin for comfort while grunting to loosen it. Call us Goldilocks for wanting it to be 'just right' but we engaged in a considerable amount of trial and error before making one that's comfortable and has a good solid feel.

    Along the way we learned a mere 1/2" difference in length made a significant difference. Added to which, achieving a good grip is hugely important (especially at the flying field because model fuel leaves an oily residue so your hands). This is why the ShaftWrench is a bit thicker than competing designs so that it's more comfortable to hold. That, plus an H-beam design (grooves machined down the length) give it industrial strength. Funny thing is, when compared to a well designed 1/2" combination-wrench, it's just about the exact same size.

    - Side by side comparison to a known handy-size hand wrench

    Finally, while the concept of Made in USA is just lip service for some folks, we believe it's important. If you're the type for whom this matters, then this tool will be a further source of pride because it's the best in the world - bar none! We hope you'll agree.