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Servo, DS125CLHV
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What's this servo for? Suitable uses for a DS125CLHV include small unmanned vehicles for civilian consumer, defense contractors, and industry alike. Examples include; 1/24th scale RC crawlers Fixed-wing 3D aircraftTactical surveillance UAVs Micro rotary-wing applications Click Specs next. Specifications MIL SPEC MIL-STD-810G-Part 16 Shock - Test Method 516.6 Vibration - Test Method 514.6 Rain - Test Method 514.5 Making the ProModeler DS125CLHV better than hobby-grade servos, is it's built with...

Servo, DS125CLHV Brass Monkey
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What's this servo for? if you're into weighting your SCX24 with brass (everybody doesn't but those who do, you know why), then we've just made a batch of Brass Monkeys. Basically, it's our DS125CLHV servo but instead of CNC machining the case from a billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, we started off from solid brass billets, instead. The point? 41g vs 21g, which puts an extra 20g mounted in the right place . . . low. In short, created to help increase control for pro-level SCX24 crawlers. So...