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355oz-in, mini, CLS
Price: $99.99
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ProModeler Item #: DS355CLHV -

For some (you know who you are), the prospects of a 355oz-in mini, a servo weighing in at a mere 44g, is something of a siren's call. If you find it irresistible, it's because we crafted this compact monster with you in mind! The DS355CLHV is unquestionably the highest performance mini money can buy. Oozing quality, the heart is a coreless motor harnessed to an all steel gear train, which is nestled in an alloy-case which is CNC machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum....

385oz-in, Std, CLS
Price: $89.99
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ProModeler Item #: DS385CLHV -

The DS385CLHV is basically the DS305CLHV but with a more powerful motor and an all steel gear train. It's essentially a more robust version. The trick was in keeping all the things folks love about the DS305CLHV - its lightness, smoothness, plus speed and power - to deliver a servo that's mo betta! Outputting 385 oz-in and transiting in 0.07 sec/60° the DS385CLHV standard-size digital servo is ideal for many models. It came about because modelers like you were asking for a lightweight servo...