Standard-size X-Maxx servos

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We started to title this white paper on Traxxas X-Maxx steering servos . . .

Good, Better, & Best standard-size servos for an X-Maxx

. . . but in point of fact, they're all three really great ways to go. It's actually not a matter of one being better than another, it's more like we offer three powerful options. The answer to which is best is . . . it depends.

So we offer these three standard-size steering servos for your X-Maxx;

The first and third alternative include the alloy X-MAXX mechanical kit, mount plus special aluminum servo horn. The DS930 is just the arm plus mounting beam mod so you need to source a Traxxas #7749 mount adapter. All three combos include the heavy duty PDRS19F-25T aluminum servo horn.

Note; the DS930 requires you to buy the Traxxas #7749 mount adapter.

Since the stock servo comes with polymer gears, which break pretty easily, and the upgraded 2085X servo (metal gears) isn't any more powerful, we saw an opening in the market. So we packaged these 3 servos with the arm you need, for two created an all-alloy mount adapter and just like that, Bob's your uncle! You now you have three outstanding standard-size servo alternatives to consider when upgrading your X-MAXX.

So which of these is best? Honestly, we don't know, that's up to you. The 845X is more than 2X stronger than the stock servo (and it's a lot faster). Meanwhile, with the 930X we're offering you a servo that's more than 3X stronger (and again, it offers much faster response). As for the 1155X combo, well obviously it's more than 4X stronger (and has bigger gears than the others) plus it too, is faster. Naturally enough, the price escalates with each step up in torque.

Do you really need one that's about 4X stronger than stock? Dunno, do you need an X-MAXX at all? Anyway, we sell maybe 10X as many 1155X combos as the 930X combos (and the 845X combo outsells the 930X combo by a factor of four).

Bottom line? Your choice, but we're offering you three dynamite alternatives to the stock servo. Unfortunately, when it comes to deciding which is best for you, you're on your own. Mostly it's a matter of looking at your wallet (and maybe whether you're destined to run with the big dogs).

Regardless of which you select, any of them is . . . mo betta than stock!

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