• 470oz-in
  • 0.09sec/60°
  • High Voltage
  • Brushless Motor
  • 1520µs/333Hz
  • O-ring seals
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    Outputting almost 30 pounds of force, the S470BLHV is a brute. Perfectly suited to the demands put upon it by 30lb aerobatic models, 15 lb crawlers, members of the robotic community, plus our military and industrial drone clients who favor it as well (though we're not allowed to talk about this very much), it's our top-of-the-range servo.

    This is the 5th iteration of our popular S420 servo. Mechanical changes are basically nil compared to the S420v4 and we now consider it a fully mature product. This time around we upgraded the motor and refined the electronics package. Essentially, it's been outfitted with a stronger/faster motor and the whole PCB (printed circuit board) has been optimized for 8.4V because - despite our reservations - some folks prefer to operate servos off of a BEC instead of a battery. Speaking of batteries, on a 2S LiPo (7.4V nominal) the torque output is up from 420 oz-in to 440 oz-in. At 8.4V the torque output is 470 oz-in and while an extra 50oz-in is nothing to sneeze at, 3D pilots who are always wanting faster servos will be please with a significant decrease in transit time from 0.12 sec/60° to 0.09 sec/60°. Of course, we all know few actually use more that a fraction of the capabilities of this servo, but if you're the type who appreciates bespoke attention to detail in all things, then you'll recognize the full worth of our flagship!

    This image has the S420v4 in front of the previous generation S420v2 and shows the gear train differences.
    - S470 versus S420 - a story of ongoing refinement for super duty applications.

    Bottom line? Details matter, and while there are a lot of high torque servos available, few go the extra mile. For example, dual ball bearings? Yes, of course but instead of ABEC-3 bearings, the S470 is outfitted with ABEC-9 specs because they're more precise. And since centering is the sine qua non (an absolute essential) then you'll understand why we pony up for MIL-spec components. Then, along with massive steel gears, look at the bronze hard points. These reinforce the aluminum case where the gear shafts fit - and not there for the average guy but for those whose requirement demand the best that can be done (eyeball the detail photos above). Meanwhile, some servo brands feature an extruded aluminum center case (they're easy to identify upon disassembly because they use 4 long screws, which enter through the bottom cover to sandwich the center case by threading into the top case) but we CNC-machine all three case components. This includes the more complex center case section and while it's a more expensive proposition to begin from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum versus a cheap extrusion, the end result is a more rigid assembly. And then there are the little touches. Things like fully captured o-rings (invisible until disassembled). These go between the case sections to seal them from intrusion but our obsessive focus extends to tiny o-rings we fit beneath the individual screw heads securing the case together. Speaking of which, while others are happy enough using 4-6 screws to assemble their servos, an S470 is assembled with 10 Allen-head (socket cap) machine screws because the FEA (finite element analysis) shows this makes the assembly a lot stronger.

    In a nutshell, if you're a demanding son-of-a-bitch that pays attention to the smallest detail, then this servo has been expressly created for you because we think exactly like you. The S470 features incredible workmanship and delivers the results you want, but please don't take our word for it.

    Jim Ellis writes . . . "The airplane is a Composite ARF 2.6 meter Extra 330 SC. Powered by a DLE 120. Jeti radio system. ProModeler servos throughout, which are spectacular! Flys beautifully with crisp instant servo response. No slop on control surfaces. The best servo centering I have seen!"

    Jim Ellis with his gorgeous Composite ARF 2.6 meter Extra 330 SC
    - Jim Ellis, Macugnie, PA

    Russ Welton writes . . . "Well, I just got back from the field with my 118" Carden 260 and all I have to say is these servos KICK BUTT! I’ve also got a Carden 300 with 8911HV's and it’s nowhere near as locked in (I thought it was a great set up till today). With the same receiver and Fromeco packs in each, it’s a fair comparison too, but when you neutralize the sticks, the 260 stops like you flipped a switch. It locks in like nothing me or anybody else with me today has ever seen! I'm very impressed with these S420 servos and can't wait to go back out to fly!"

    Russ Welton and his fantastic Carden Extra 260
    - Russ Welton, Molalla, OR

    Marketing - some companies market servos specifically to model helicopter pilots, giant scale modelers, robot-builders, or crawler drivers - as if servos knew in what they were being installed. This may explain why reducing the servo-lead from 10" to 6", changing the part number, and selling it as a truck-servo works in the minds of marketing-types. But we don't play those games because like you, we know the only thing that matters more than whether it's strong and fast enough for the job is how well it centers! And if centering performance is what's important to you, you'll appreciate knowing ProModeler servos use expensive MIL-SPEC components to ensure consistent performance because we believe centering is the Holy Grail of servo design. After all, stick bangers may not know the difference, but centering is a big deal for modelers who expect precision results. This matters - period.

    What's said online: http://www.flyinggiants.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86935

    - if you are unsure about the best servo for your application, don't just take the advice of some anonymous 'expert' on a forum, or buy whatever your buddy thinks is best. Instead, give us a call and ask because we have the experience to help guide you. Best of all, because we have a solid reputation for honesty and offering common-sense no-bull answers, you can trust we won't sacrifice our reputation just to upsell you on something a little bit more expensive. Bottom line? Reputations are earned and we value ours above merely making an extra buck so go ahead, ask us anything.

    Wind the lead and heat for a few seconds for a clean professional installation

    - Pro Tip: Winding the lead and heating it for a few seconds gives that clean professionally-installed look

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    You could easily spend $250 elsewhere!

    <p>You cant get a better quality high torque servo! i'm now using these in 4 different airplanes! One is a 110" wing span Extreme Flight Yak 54 where instead of two I'm able to just use one servo for the rudder! The post sale service is second to none, and the quality is top notch, something you could easily spend $250 for elsewhere!</p>

    You truly get the best servo hands down!

    <p>I hate to say this but I love these things. I've always gotten excellent service from John and a timely response to any questions. The v5 (reference to v5 die to S470 being 5th iteration of S420 design - editor) is now in my Shafty and pro trucks. These trucks are a true testimony of how strong the servo is. With the other brands I've used I would have to carry extra servo with ProModeler I don't. If you have any doubts about this hit up YouTube and watch a few videos of Shafty/sportsman crawlers or pro/2.2 mod /moas. You truly get the best servo hands down!</p>

    Amazing servo buy it now!

    <p>I use these in comp crawlers and give them the workout of a lifetime in every use. I'm a sponsored driver and I push my cars hard regularly. This servo has never failed me, I'm not saying that it's unbreakable, nothing is, however this is a very good quality product that I will continue to use and recommend to others. This took the place of 7955 servos in a few of my rigs.</p>


    Improve the best ?

    <p>Yes ProModeler did it again!</p><p>As a crawler I was impressed with the S420. The S470 is so fast and quiet. My last servo for this truck .</p>