Price: $99.99


    The wild side of model helicopters is an NEX version of the P6 because of one number, lb/hp (pounds per horsepower).

    • Pantera P6 with 55HZ - 7.5 lb / 2.1 hp = 3.6 lb/hp
    • Goblin 630 with 55HZ - 7.0 lb / 2.1 hp = 3.3 lb/hp
    • P6 NEX with 105HZ-R - 8.0 lb / 3.75 hp = 2.1 lb/hp

    If you grok there's no replacement for displacement when it comes to adding horsepower to anything then we don't have to say another word because you know slipping a 105 into a 55-size airframe means holding onto your socks! If you're convinced, click on the Included tab to learn what comes in the package.

    Background: Slipping a big-block engine into a P6 airframe is what we call an NEX conversion (NEX stands for Nitro Express). The results are more than a little nuts and if occasionally flying on the wild side appeals (extra power doesn't change the P6's smooth handling characteristics), then pick your engine after reading the Engines tab.

    Pro Tip: Use the fact engines from 61 through 105 are based on the same block dimensions and basically take up the same amount of space in the air frame. The largest engine not only maximizes your experience but can weigh less because boring and stroking removes case material and replaces it with a piston, which weighs even less. Also, run the engine rich - this cannot be stressed enough! A lot of smoke while hovering and a very healthy smoke trail in flight are required to control the engine's cooling within the P6 air frame.