Approximately 2-hour long VHS videotape

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    00:04:00 workBENCH
    Ace Seamaster
    00:30:30 workBENCH
    00:59:00 innerVIEW
    Slimline at Toledo
    01:04:00 flightLINE
    Goldsboro IMAA Fun Fly
    01:26:30 aboutENGINES
    OS FT-300
    01:33:30 workBENCH
    GP Pitts Special
    01:43:30 talkRADIO
    Hitec HFP-10
    0502_56k.wmv - 596k, play a 120 second streaming-sample for dial-up connections.
    0502broad.wmv - a 1719k sample, for broadband internet connections.

    workBENCH: Mention Seamaster and accomplished float pilots will sagely nod and say, "Good choice!" The ARF version from the folks at Ace is faithful to the great original! What's more, the removable landing gear means you can fly off land too. The fun is guaranteed!

    flightLINE: IMAA get-togethers are a blast! We visit the Goldsboro, NC, fly-in and find superb examples of giant scale modeling. This is flying at its best!
    workBENCH: The 138-inch wingspan Don Smith B-17 nears completion. We present tips on covering a model using lightweight fiberglass cloth and low-odor water-based polyurethane.
    aboutENGINES: A throaty rumble characterizes an engine too sweet for words! A giant-scale tour de force, the OS Max FT-300 Super Gemini, is an awesome-sounding 50cc 4-stroke guaranteed to delight both engine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

    workBENCH: Great Planes' superb rendition of Charlie Hillard's World Championship winning Red Devils 1 is a favorite amongst bipe-aficionados and sure to be the pride of your fleet. At nearly 1/3-scale, it's ready built, and covered in genuine MonoKote!
    talkRADIO: Hitec's HFP-10 is both a servo tester (for all brands of conventional servos), and an external programming interface for Hitec's awesome digital servos! It's high tech!