Approximately 2-hour long VHS videotape

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    00:05:00 aboutENGINES
    MDS .68 FS Pro
    00:22:30 Sullivan Products, MHT, Get 'em!
    00:24:00 ROT8
    Hirobo Shuttle Challenge (Part 2)
    00:48:30 Learn to Hover, RCM, Ultra Stick
    00:53:00 airTIME
    Madera Air Racing
    00:59:30 DuBro, The World Model Mfg.
    01:00:30 workBENCH
    World Model's ARF racing Midget Mustang
    01:45:00 flightLINE
    Midget Mustang and exciting club-racing
    01:50:00 Fingers encounter a prop - ouch!
    01:51:30 flightLINE
    Hangar 9's ARF Cessna 182 Skylane (Part 6)
    01:57:30 modelSPORT
    01:58:00 newPRODUCTS
    Neat stuff!

    aboutENGINES: CNC machining, ABC design, O-ringed back plate, Aeromix fully machined dual-needle carb, dual ball bearings - in short, a feature list competitors of MDS's hot 68 will cry over - why pay more?

    ROT8: Part 2 of Hirobo's superb 30-size Shuttle Challenge; we complete basic construction while showing undocumented tricks for optimizing this R/C model helicopter!

    Engine starting at Madera
    airTIME: Giant-scale air racing at Madera represents aeromodeling's most awesome spectacle! Join the winning Classical Racing Team as they demolish the competiton to win all the marbles in Formula One Gold via wing-tip-to-wing-tip racing of 42% scale models costing thousands of dollars - this is the ultimate rush!

    workBENCH: Astonishingly easy to fly, The World Model Mfg. Co.'s model of the 18' 6" Midget Mustang racer is - at 27% scale - MAA-legal while sporting a diminutive 60" span! Teamed with MDS's 68 FS Pro and Slimline's Pitt's-style muffler, you'll experience the rush of racing without breaking the bank. This is fun!

    Cessna 182 with flaps down for landing
    flightLINE: Filmed at dusk, our Hangar 9 ARF 182 Skylane explodes off the ground and sustains an awesome rate of climb due to flaps and the YS 53FZ's brute force while the landing lights on final are cool! (more)

    newPRODUCTS: We present some neat new stuff.