Approximately 2-hour long VHS videotape

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    00:02:30 aboutENGINES
    Inside the Walbro pump carburetor
    00:12:00 upDRAFT
    Foam 51, part 5
    00:37:00 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
    Learn what the pros know
    00:42:00 ROT8
    robbe Millennium & Bob Johnston, part 2
    01:12:00 workBENCH
    Robart F-16
    01:42:30 workBENCH
    Cessna 182 Skylane, landing lights, part 3
    01:53:00 hotSHOTS
    01:56:00 talkRADIO
    Elevons, ATV, & D/R
    01:58:00 newPRODUCTS
    Lots of stuff

    aboutENGINES Giant-scale gas engines, like Zenoah's G-62, use Walbro's ubiquitous pump carb, but it can be intimidating to work on. We detail theory of operation and maintenance tips to keep yours in top condition.

    Tips, Tricks, & Secrets Replacing bearings doesn't have to be hard; this and other pro tricks

    upDRAFT We build the foam wing of DAW's P-51 . . . it's easy!

    ROT8 We complete basic construction of robbe's Millennium 60 while Bob Johnston, the European 3D Champion, shows why it's his favorite helicopter!.

    workBENCH A Norvel .061, a special light-weight fiberglass job, plus full flying-stabs . . . converts Robart's F-16 into an awesome 2-channel pocket rocket!
    workBENCH Learn to laminate real aluminum as we add RAM landing lights to Hangar 9's sharp Cessna 182 Skylane. This simple trick customizes, adds eye appeal, and is both fun and easy! (more)

    hotSHOTS It's a bird, it's a plane, no . . . it's an ornithopter!

    talkRADIO Elevons, ATV, & D/R

    newPRODUCTS CSM ICG 360 gyro, Hobbico CS-71 metal-gear servo, FMA's Tetra 6-ch micro Rx, MHT Magazine, Can-Gun handle.