Approximately 2-hour long VHS videotape

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    00:01:30 aboutENGINES
    adjust valves
    00:10:00 Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
    00:16:30 innerVIEW
    UH-60A & Tuskegee Airman
    00:34:00 tech4U
    Ambrosia simulator
    00:37:00 upDRAFT
    hand launch tips
    00:48:00 ROT8
    Hawk II
    01:11:00 airTIME
    PIRATE 33% EXTRA 260
    01:14:30 workBENCH
    01:33:30 flightSHCOOL
    01:37:30 workBENCH - cont.

    aboutENGINES: An expert's engines run like the proverbial Swiss watch. In this issue, our how-to about adjusting the valves on a 4-stroke engine . . . makes you the expert!

    Valve Adjustment

    Tips, Tricks, and Secrets: An aileron horn is rubbing inside your model, unsightly brown gunk coats your engines and mufflers? Solve these and more! Why take years to learn what the pros know?

    innerVIEW: Up close and personal with the US Army's UH-60A Blackhawk and a Tuskegee Airman.

    upDRAFT: Do you envy those boomer hand launches some guys always have? Using slow-mo, we teach you the insider secrets!

    ROT8: Building Century's 30 size collective pitch Hawk II helicopter!

    airTIME: Show your guests what giant scale is all about! Pirate's 33% 260 to a musical beat.

    Extra 260

    workBENCH: New to R/C? We build the stabs and fuselage of the Great Planes' PT-40 R/C trainer.

    flightSCIENCE: How & why do airplanes fly? Just watch and learn.