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    This is our top-of-the-range 245oz-inhigh voltage brushless servo created expressly for competition. Favored for helicopters, giant scale models, car and trucks, as well as jets. Is it any good? Well, of course . . . but what do you expect us to say? But please, don't take our word for it. Instead, listen to what competition pilots (not sponsored pilots who'll say what they're told), but real honest-to-God pilots - who pay for their own servos . . .

    Mihai Aldea writes . . . "I'm very happy with my choice of putting the ProModeler S245BLHV servos in the Goblin Speed. Not only are they superlative performers, but the cost is unbeatable. I'm not usually an early adopter of anything, but your record of common sense design and customer service made this an equally common sense choice for me."

    - Mihai Aldea, Issaquah, WA

    Joe Meade writes . . . "I decided to give these servos a try in my Goblin 700 just over a year ago and I'm glad I did. Beautiful servos that perform flawlessly, and at a fraction of the cost of similar servos. A quality product that has performed without issue for over a year, these servos are sweet, and I couldn't be happier. I can't imagine ProModeler servos will remain a secret for long. I'm pretty sure these are what we call a no-brainer."
    Joe Meade of Tram, KY and his Goblin 700 equipped with a full suite of ProModeler brushless servos

    - Joe Meade, Tram, KY

    Jim Dyck writes . . . "Just had to say thanks for making such a great servo for such a reasonable price. I got these on my Kasama Srimok and couldn't be more pleased. I like them so much I got a second set for another heli. I really like how quiet (as in silent) they are, too. Will definitely be getting more of these in the future."
    Jim Dyck of Ridgecrest, CA and his ProModeler brushless servo equipped Srimok 90
    - Jim Dyck, Ridgecrest, CA

    Daniel Murnane writes . . . "I've been running the S245BLHV on one 700 for about a year now and have been very impressed with their performance and durability. This set has survived a rekit crash and is still going strong today. Since getting then I've put sets on another two helis."

    - Daniel Murnane, Randallstown, MD

    A man of few words, George Meccariello writes . . . "After 200 flights they're working great. No slop, no problems, and being brushless they'll definitely last well beyond another 200 flights!"

    George Meccariello, Valley Stream, NY and his Pantera P6 equipped with a full suite of ProModeler brushless servos

    - George Meccariello, Valley Stream, NY

    Rob Nourse writes . . . "I have been flying the ProModeler servos in my Logo 600 for about 5 months. They are absolutely flawless cyclic performance. Quit looking, get these for your bird and I promise you, these will be your new servos of choice."
    Rob Nourse of Springfield, TN and his Logo 600 equipped with ProModeler S245 brushless servos

    - Rob Nourse, Springfield, TN

    And lest you think these servos are just for things, which fly . . . you're right because 1/10th scale racing trucks can fly too! Like when they catch big air off a table-top jump or while going through a series of whoops. That's when they're being stressed as much or more than in a airplane or heli. Steering duties for a racing truck requires a great deal of finesse from a fast and strong servo, which centers great (especially when drifting through corners when it's critical). What's more, durability is essential because you can win if you don't finish.

    Tim Braucht writes . . . I'm using the S245BLHV for steering on a 1/10 4x4 short course truck I built to race. This servo has been great and I couldn't ask for more. It's strong and FAST!!!
    Tim Braucht and his 1/10th truck with an S245 for steering
    - Tim Braucht, Wilmington, DE

    Do you know the difference between coreless and brushless servos? Don't get confused, what you want are brushless servos . . . this really matters!

    Marketing - some companies market servos specifically to model helicopter pilots, giant scale modelers, robot-builders, or model car drivers - as if servos knew in what they were being installed. This may explain why reducing the servo-lead from 10" to 6", changing the part number, and selling it as a truck-servo works in the minds of marketing-types. We don't play those games because like you, we know what matters is a) whether the servo is strong and fast enough for the job and, b) more important than anything, how well it centers. If centering performance is what's important to you, you'll appreciate knowing ProModeler servos use MIL-SPEC components because we believe centering is the Holy Grail of servo design. While stick bangers don't know the difference, centering is a big deal for pilots flying precision maneuvers. This matters - period.

    Advice - if you are unsure about the best servo for your application, don't just take the advice of some anonymous 'expert' on a forum, or buy whatever your buddy thinks is best. Instead, give us a call and ask because we have the experience to help guide you. Best of all, our advice is free (and worth every penny) and because we have a solid reputation for honesty and offering common-sense no-bull answers, you can trust we won't sacrifice our reputation just to upsell you on something a little bit more expensive. Especially because we know that when you're happy, you'll tell a friend . . . but if you're unhappy you'll tell everyone!

    Bottom line? Reputations are earned and we value ours above merely making an extra buck so go ahead and ask us.

    Wind the lead and heat for a few seconds for a clean professional installation

    - Pro Tip: Winding the lead and heating it for a few seconds gives that clean professionally-installed look