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Item #: PDRG720HV -

Looking for a gyro to control the tail rotor of your flybar-equipped model helicopter? You've just found a nice one that won't break the bank! Think gyros are just for helicopters? Think again, because gyros can be pretty handy for fixed wing models too.For example, let's say you're piloting a scale model – perhaps a 50-100cc powered P-51 Mustang. It's a tail dragger and just as you open the throttle to initiate the take off roll, P-factor (torque) drags the nose off to the left - often before...

85oz-in, Mini, 760us
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Item #: DS085BLHV -

Crafted expressly for helicopter tail rotor applications, note the neutral for this class of servo is 760µs instead of 1520µs. This means the servo won't function properly when it's plugged into a receiver because receivers output a neutral pulse at 1520µs. So basically, this servo is designed to be connected through a gyroscope. Also note, this type of servo refreshes faster internally than a conventional digital servo - at 560Hz vs. 330Hz so when the highest performance tail rotor servo in a...

120oz-in, Std, 760us
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Item #: DS120BLHV -

Crafted expressly for tail rotor applications (760µs/560Hz) where high performance is required in a standard-size package, this may be the perfect tail rotor servo for your Goblin 630, Pantera P6, T-Rex 600, or any 700-class model. These are the highlights;1. Features a brushless motor. Electronic commutation means there's no excess heat and 5X longer life because electrons don't wear out. 2. To reduce weight we created a composite case. Instead of a simple extrusion, we CNC-machined the...