760µs (tail rotor only)

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Servo, DS95BLHV
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Before adding this servo to your cart, note it's a tail rotor servo only! This 95oz-in servo is suitable for helicopter tail rotor applications only! This means neutral is 760µs instead of the 1520µs of servos connected directly to a receiver. Basically, a receiver's servo output sensitivity doesn't extend low enough to signal this servo - it responds only to gyro output. so if you plug it straight into the receiver, it doesn't work (won't hurt it, just won't work). Anyway, take note...

Servo, DS135BLHV
Price: $169.99
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Item #: DS135BLHV -

DS135BLHV under construction DS135BLHV - 135oz-in - 0.026sec/60°(Placeholder DS120BLHV info below) Note; we have deprecated the DS120BLHV after a long production run in favor of the significantly faster DS135BLHV. We also offer a mini-size version, the DS95BLHV (95oz-in - 0.03sec/60°), which with an M2S adapter means you may fit the smaller mini-class where a standard-class servo (important if you're counting grams because 95oz-in is enough for a 600). RECAP: The DS120BLHV and DS95BLHV are...