Price: $159.99


    Convert your 40-60 size model from nitro fuel to gasoline premix and save a lot of money as you enjoy the benefits and economy of operation achieved by burning gasoline instead of expensive nitro fuel. The NGH GT9 is a very well made 9cc engine (.52 cu in), which is perfectly suited for propellers ranging from 10x6 through 12x6.

    At last, converting models from pricey nitro fuel to economical gasoline power of models with a wingspan of 54" through 70" is perfectly feasible with this light weight, smooth running, and powerful engine. Best of all, it's super reliable engine that won't cut out as easily at low throttle because it uses a spark plug igniton instead of a glow plug.

    Weighing just a bit over a pound including the ignition (4-cell NiCd or NiMh battery sold separately), now you can switch from +$20/gallon glow fuel to less than $3/gallon premix gasoline . . . and save money!