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85oz-in, Mini, 760us
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Item #: DS085BLHV -

Crafted expressly for tail rotor applications (760µs/560Hz) where high performance is required in a mini-size package, this may be the perfect mini-size tail rotor servo for your Goblin 380 or 500-class model. These are the highlights;1. Features a brushless instead of coreless motor. Electronic instead of mechanical commutation means there's no excess heat (the dust that accumulates inside as the brushes of a coreless motor wear out is insulating), and because electrons don't wear out, a...

160oz-in, Mini, BLS MKS DS-9670A+, HV9767, MKS HV737, BK DS-5001HV, Futaba S9650, Xpert MM-3301-HV, Sanwa HRG-HR, mini servo, Hitec HS-7245MH, HS-7235MH
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Item #: DS160BLHV -

Looking for the perfect mini-size servo? It probably doesn't exist but we believe our brushless SuperMini comes pretty close. If your high performance model requires loads of torque and high speed within a compact package, there's no secret involved in making the very best because anyone can disassemble it to look and see what we do;1. Start with the best possible brushless-motor. When commutation happens electronically (instead of mechanically), the motor runs cooler because there's no...

110oz-in, Mini, CLS
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Item #: DS110CLHV -

Our fastest mini-class 1520μs servo (plug it into a receiver, or gyros that can accept other than 760μs servos).Basics:Outputting 110oz-in and transiting in a blindingly fast 0.035sec/60° this servo is ideal for cyclic control of hyper aggressive 3D helicopter pilots as well as thoughtful pilots of 60" wingspan 3D models. Add in pylon racers, jets, and conventional nitro-models ranging in size from .25 on up through .91-class that would benefit from a reduced weight avionics package and while...

160oz-in, Mini, CLS
Price: $59.99
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Item #: DS160CLHV -

Outputting 160 oz-in and transiting in 0.06 sec/60° the DS160CLHV mini-size servo is ideal for 60" span 3D planes like the ultralight beauties from AJ Aircraft, as well as pylon racers, EDF jets, 1/12th scale racers, plus 500-class helicopters the likes of a Mikado Logo 480, MSH Protos 500, SAB Goblin 570, or T-Rex 500. Don't let its mini size fool you because this digital servo packs a punch. After all, 160 oz is the same as 10 lbs . . . or more than the models themselves may weigh! This...