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100oz-in, Micro, DLS Micro servo designed to replace a hitec HS-5085MG
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Item #: DS100DLHV -

No time to read all this? Eyeball the TL;DR tab, then add the servos to your cart! Want to see these servos in action? Follow this link for an independent review of them in Doc Austin's 52" Extra model airplane: Background: We're modelers and have lost count of how many planes we've equipped with the top selling digital-servo in the micro class, Hitec's HS-5085MG (beginning, in fact, with the old analog HS85, and more recently, the high voltage version, the...

145oz-in, Micro, CLS
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Item #: DS145CLHV -

The DS145CLHV is a 12-bit (4096), 333Hz, micro-size high voltage (HV) digital servo built on a case CNC-machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Equipped with dual ball bearings, and steel gears (for durability), it outputs 145 oz-in (+9 pounds of force) and has a transit time of 0.05sec/60° . . . and there's nothing else like it in the world!But it gets better because to help withstand the abuse to which it'll inevitably be subjected, we Swiss-machine then press three bronze...

150oz-in, Micro, CLS Micro servo designed to replace a hitec HS-5085MG
Price: $54.99
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Item #: DS150CLHV -

The DS150CLHV is basically the same as the DS100DLHV except in the motor selection, which leads it to have about 50% more torque and be about 2X as fast. Consequently, it carries a modest price premium for the added performance. In all honesty, 99% of modelers are served perfectly well by the less costly DS100DLHV - but without question - there are some amongst you for whom the added performance of the DS150CLHV makes the difference when you're performing 3DXA maneuvers. We created this servo...