Brushless motors result in the ne plus ultra of servos within the ProModeler range

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120oz-in, Std, 760us
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Item #: DS120BLHV -

Crafted expressly for tail rotor applications (760µs/560Hz) where high performance is required in a standard-size package, this may be the perfect tail rotor servo for your Goblin 630, Pantera P6, T-Rex 600, or any 700-class model. These are the highlights;1. Features a brushless motor. Electronic commutation means there's no excess heat and 5X longer life because electrons don't wear out. 2. To reduce weight we created a composite case. Instead of a simple extrusion, we CNC-machined the...

345oz-in, Std, BLS
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Item #: DS345BLHV -

This is our top-of-the-range 345oz-in high voltage brushless servo created expressly for competition. Perfect for cyclic on 3D model helicopters, strong enough for 100cc IMAC models, and superb for 1/8th scale trucks, and so precise, it's ideal for use in jets. Is it any good? Well, of course . . . but what do you expect us to say? But please, don't take our word for it. Instead, listen to what competition pilots (not sponsored pilots who'll say what they're told), but real honest-to-God...

470oz-in, Std, BLS
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Item #: DS470BLHV -

Outputting 470 oz-in and transiting in 0.091 sec/60° the DS470BLHV standard-size digital servo is well suited for 150-200cc powered IMAC aircraft from the likes of Carden, AJ Aircraft, and Extreme Flight as well as rock crawlers like TRX4 and Wraith II. Initially created for our military and industrial UAS customers (primarily drones with infrared sensors for pipeline inspection as well as LIDAR equipped sensors for ag work), civilian users include professional builders and competitors on the...

630oz-in, Std, BLS
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Item #: DS630BLHV -

Bottom line? This is the strongest most bad ass servo we know how to make. Period.What goes into this servo includes 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, 35NiCrMo16 steel gears, SAE 660 bronze bushings, ABEC-9 bearings, BUNA-N o-rings, DIN-912 18-8 stainless socket cap screws, brushless motor, million-cycle potentiometer, gold-plated connectors, surface-mount components, plus a conformal coating. But what you can't see or measure is an intangible because you also get our best effort and dedication - our...