ProStand - a user report

Happy with his ProStand purchase, Bob McDaniel of St. Leonard, MD paid us quite a compliment by saying he'd put aside both home-brew plywood and...


Gasser throttle servo?

Which throttle servo would you recommend for a gasser? Many criticize using mini-servos in this application, can your mini servos take it? And...


Bypassing the BEC

Since the BEC included with the ESC is usually limited to 5A of current and modern high performance servos can exceed this, bypassing the BEC and...


Fear of loss!

or why otherwise sensible modelers use two batteries!

Marketing types push your buttons by using words like 'safety' to get you to ignore common sense and outfit your model with two battery packs. We...


Servo connectors & extensions

Why getting what you pay for can be tricky!

I occasionally field questions regarding servo connectors and extensions (especially for giant scale models). Let's briefly delve into some...