• 110oz-in Digital HV
  • 0.035sec/60°
  • Coreless Motor
  • Metal gears (25T spline)
  • Dual ball bearings (ABEC-9)
  • O-ring seals (qty 13)
  • 37 grams
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    Our fastest mini-class 1520us servo (this means you can plug it into a receiver, or a gyro, while 760us servos can only be plugged into gyros). Works down to the 4.8V of an old school NiCd battery pack, but operating it on anything less than the 2S LiPo it's been designed for (or the 8.4V output of popular BECs) is an utter waste. Yes, it's got metal gears (and dual ball bearings), but what probably caught your attention is this:

    • 110 oz-in
    • 0.035 sec/60°

    Yet there's more to this super mini than uber quick control deflection and enough muscle for extreme maneuvers. Things like MIL-SPEC components give you precise centering, the 13 O-rings make it waterproof, bronze inserts reinforcing the polymer case make it both light and strong, plus a conformal coating on the PCB protects against vibration. Along with the center case that's CNC-machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum (plus a press-fit coreless-motor) this means the cooling fins aren't decorative.

    For a down in the weeds look at technical details click the TL;DR tab above, otherwise, just add it to your cart.

    Last thing, if you're interested in a more powerful super mini, our S160CLHV (160oz-in) transits in very fast 0.07sec/60° and if you'd prefer an all-aluminum super mini, our brushless motor equipped S160BLHV fills the bill.